Changing POWER switch modes and starting the hybrid system

Apply the brakes and touch the Toyota emblem side of the electronic key to the "POWER" switch.

An alarm will sound to indicate that the start function cannot detect the electronic key that is touched to the "POWER" switch if any of the doors is opened and closed while the key is touched to the switch.

step| 2 To change "POWER" switch modes: Within 10 seconds of the buzzer sounding, release the brake pedal and press the "POWER" switch. Modes can be changed each time the switch is pressed. (^P. 162)

To start the hybrid system: Press the "POWER" switch within 10 seconds after the buzzer sounds, keeping the brake pedal depressed.

In the event that the "POWER" switch still cannot be operated, contact your Toyota dealer.

n Stopping the hybrid system

Push the "P" position switch and press the "POWER" switch as you normally do when stopping the hybrid system.

n Replacing the key battery

As this procedure is the temporary measure, it is recommended that the electronic key battery be replaced immediately when the battery depletes. (^P. 460)

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