Engine compartment

Coolant Hoses Prius 2010

□ Engine coolant reservoir

(^P. 430) B Engine oil level dipstick

□ Power control unit coolant reservoir (^P. 430)

B Brake fluid reservoir

B Condenser (^P. 432) B Electric cooling fans [0 Washer fluid tank



n 12 volt battery

| Engine oil

With the engine at operating temperature and turned off, check the oil level on the dipstick.

n Checking the engine oil stepQ Park the vehicle on level ground. After turning off the hybrid system, wait more than 5 minutes for the oil to drain back into the bottom of the engine.

Hold a rag under the end and pull the dipstick out.

Hedaderia Para Colorear

STEp3 Wipe the dipstick clean. STEP4 Reinsert the dipstick fully.

STEpA Holding a rag under the end, pull the dipstick out and check the oil level.

Wipe the dipstick and reinsert it fully.








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