If your vehicle overheats

The following may indicate that your vehicle is overheating:

l The high coolant temperature warning light comes on or flashes: The engine may be overheating.

l "HYBRID SYSTEM OVERHEAT" is shown on the multi-information display:

The power control unit may be overheating.

Follow the correction procedure as described below.

| Correction procedures n If the high coolant temperature warning light comes on or flashes stepQ Stop the vehicle in a safe place and turn off the air conditioning system.

STEp2 Check to see if steam is coming out from under the hood. If you see steam: Stop the hybrid system. Carefully lift the hood after the steam subsides and then restart the hybrid system. If you do not see steam: Leave the hybrid system operating and carefully lift the hood.

step]~3 Check to see if the cooling fans are operating. If the fans are operating: Wait until the high coolant temperature warning light goes off and then stop the hybrid system. If the fans are not operating: Stop the hybrid system immediately and call your local Toyota dealer.

After the hybrid system has cooled down sufficiently, check the engine coolant level and inspect the radiator core (radiator) for any leaks.

2003 Suzuki Xl7 Engine Manual Diagram
/ ITO52P130

If necessary, add engine coolant up to the "FULL" line.

Water can be used in an emergency measure if engine coolant is unavailable. (^P. 562)

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