Micro Dust and Pollen Filter Control

Centrifugal Ball Mill

The micro dust and pollen filter control quickly removes pollen from the front seat occupant area with the pressing of the micro dust and pollen filter control switch on the heater control panel, without requiring any complex air conditioning operation. When the user pushes the micro dust and pollen filter control switch, the air conditioning operates in the recirculation mode. The clean air that has passed through the clean air filter blows out from the face outlet to the occupant area. The...

Features Of Azfe Engine

2azfe Balance Shaft Timing

The 2AZ-FE engine has achieved the following performance through the use of the items listed below. 1 High performance and reliability 3 Lightweight and compact design 5 Clean emission and fuel economy A cylinder block made of aluminum alloy along with a magnesium alloy die-cast cylinder head cover is used. A taper squish shape is used for the combustion chamber. A timing chain and chain tensioner are used. The shim-less type valve lifters are used. A chacoal filter is used in the air cleaner...

Engine Control System General

Toyota Rav4 Sensor Bank Sensor

The engine control system for the 2AZ-FE engine has the following systems. The engine control system for the 2AZ-FE engine has the following systems. An L-type SFI system directly detects the intake air volume with a hot-wire type mass air flow meter. The fuel injection system is a sequential multiport fuel injection system. Ignition timing is determined by the ECM based on signals from various sensors. The ECM corrects ignition timing in response to engine knocking. ETCS-i Electronic Throttle...

Battery Current Sensor

Rav4 Battery Current Sensor

Installed on the negative terminal of the battery, this sensor detects the amount of charging and discharging amperage of the battery and sends signal to the ECM. Based on this signal, the ECM calculates the battery capacity. A Hall IC is used for detecting the amount of charging and discharging amperage. The changes that occur in the magnetic flux density in the core as a result of the charging and amperage of the battery are converted and output as voltage.

Ecu 1kz Te Diesel

Wiring Diagram

Sensor Element Zirconia Planar Type Air-fuel Ratio Sensor The compact and lightweight mass air flow meter, which is a plug-in type, allows a portion of the intake air to flow through the detection area. By directly measuring the mass and the flow rate of the intake air, the detection precision is ensured and the intake air resistance is reduced. This mass air flow meter has a built-in intake air temperature sensor. In the conventional type knock sensor resonant type , a vibration plate which...

SFI Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection System

An L-type SFI system directly detects the intake air mass with a hot wire type mass air flow meter. An independent injection system (in which fuel is injected once into each cylinder for each two revolution of the crankshaft) is used. There are two (synchronous and non-synchronous) injections a) The synchronous injection in which corrections based on the signals from the sensors are added to the basic injection time so that injection occurs always at the same position. b) The non-synchronous...

Input Turbine Speed Sensor and Counter Gear Speed Sensor

U151e U151f

The U151E and U151F automatic transaxles use an input turbine speed sensor for the NT signal and a counter gear speed sensor for the NC signal . Thus, the ECM can detect the timing of the shifting of the gears and appropriately control the engine torque and hydraulic pressure in response to the various conditions. The input turbine speed sensor detects the input speed of the transaxle. The direct clutch C2 drum is used as the timing rotor for this sensor. The counter gear speed sensor detects...

Valve Body Unit General

Shift Solenoid Valve Slt Toyota

The valve body consists of the upper and lower valve bodies and 7 solenoid valves. Apply orifice control, which controls the flow volume to the B3 brake, is used in this unit. Lock-up clutch pressure control Controls the B2 control valve and the Lock-up relay valve Lock-up Control Valve Secondary Regulator Valve Bi Control Valve Co Control Valve B2 Control Valve Accumulator Control Valve B2 Apply Control Valve Bi Apply Control Valve B2 Apply Control Valve Bi Apply Control Valve

Transmitter Recognition Code Registration Function

The table below shows the 4 special coded ID registration function modes through which up to 4 different codes can be registered. The codes are electronically registered written and stored in the EEPROM. For details of the recognition code registration procedure, refer to the 2006 RAV4 Repair Manual Pub. No. RM01M1U . Erases all previously registered codes and registers only the newly received codes. Adds a newly received code while preserving any previously registered codes. This mode is used...

Layout Of Can Components

Toyota Sst 09843 18040

If a malfunction occurs on CAN communication line, the ECU that is connected to CAN communication line stores the DTCs Diagnostic Trouble Codes in its memory. There are 2-digit DTCs and 5-digit DTCs for CAN communication. - The 5-digit DTCs can be read by connecting a hand-held tester to the DLC3. - The 2-digit DTCs can be read by connecting the SST 09843-18040 to TC and CG terminals of the DLC3. For details, see the 2006 RAV4 Repair Manual Pub. No. RM01M1U .

Intake And Exhaust System General

Intake And Exhaust Manifold Car

The linkless-type throttle body is used to realize excellent throttle control. ETCS-i Electronic Throttle Control System-intelligent is used to provide excellent throttle control. For details, see page EG-43. A plastic intake manifold is used for weight reduction. A stainless steel exhaust manifold is used for weight reduction. A nonwoven, full-fabric type air cleaner element is used. A charcoal filter, which adsorbs the HC that accumulates in the intake system when the engine is stopped, is...

Cooling System General

Rav Cooling System

The cooling system is a pressurized, forced-circulation type. A thermostat with a bypass valve is located on the water inlet housing to maintain suitable temperature distribution in the cooling system. A cooling fan control system in which the ECM optimally controls cooling fan speed is used. For details, see page EG-129. An air bleeder plug is provided on the water inlet assembly to improve the efficiency of changing the engine coolant. For details, refer to the 2006 RAV4 Repair Manual Pub....