Cooling System General

• The cooling system is a pressurized, forced-circulation type.

• A thermostat with a bypass valve is located on the water inlet housing to maintain suitable temperature distribution in the cooling system.

• A cooling fan control system in which the ECM optimally controls cooling fan speed is used. For details, see page EG-129.

• An air bleeder plug is provided on the water inlet assembly to improve the efficiency of changing the engine coolant. For details, refer to the 2006 RAV4 Repair Manual (Pub. No. RM01M1U).

• The TOYOTA genuine SLLC (Super Long Life Coolant) is used for the engine coolant.

To Throttle Body

Air Bleeder Plug

To Throttle Body

Air Bleeder Plug

Rav Cooling System

From Throttle Body A W

To Heater From Heater

To Radiator

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