Dual VVTi Variable Valve Timingintelligent System General

• The Dual VVT-i system is designed to control the intake and exhaust camshafts within a range of 40° and 35° respectively (of Crankshaft Angle) to provide valve timing that is optimally suited to the engine condition. This improves torque in all the speed ranges as well as increasing fuel economy, and reducing exhaust emissions.

Exhaust Camshaft Timing OCV* (Bank 1)

Exhaust Camshaft Timing OCV* (Bank 1)

Toyota Rav4 Zylinderbank

*: Oil Control Valve

• Using the engine speed signal, vehicle speed signal, and the signals from mass air flow meter, throttle position sensor and engine coolant temperature sensor, the ECM calculates optimal valve timing for each driving condition and controls the camshaft timing oil control valve. In addition, the ECM uses signals from the camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor to detect the actual valve timing, thus providing feedback control to achieve the target valve timing.

Toyota Rav4 Variable Valve Sensor

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  • adalrico
    Where is the throttle position sensor on a rav4 vvti#?
    9 years ago
  • lauri
    Where is the crankshaft position sensor on 2007 toyota avalon?
    8 years ago

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