Fuel System General

• The fuel returnless system is used to reduce evaporative emissions.

• A fuel cut control is used to stop the fuel pump when the SRS airbag is deployed in a front or side collision. For details, see page EG-53.

• A quick connector is used in the fuel main pipe to improve serviceability.

• The 12-hole type fuel injector is used.

• The ORVR (On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery) system is used. For details, see page EG-54.

Fuel Pump Assembly

• Pressure Regulator

Quick Connector


Quick Connector


Board Recover Orvr Valve

Fuel Tank


Fuel Tank



2. Fuel Returnless System

Fuel returnless system is used to reduce the evaporative emission. As shown below, by integrating the fuel filter and pressure regulator with fuel pump assembly, the fuel return system in which the fuel returns from the engine area is discontinued and temperature rise inside the fuel tank is prevented.

Scheme Petrol Pump Toyota Rav4


3. Fuel Injector

The 12-hole type injector is used. By modifying its injector nozzle to a taper shape, this injector has achieved high atomizing performance of fuel. In addition, the injector provides good performance with the lightweight moving parts and the optimized magnetic circuit.

Hole Type Injector


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