Intake And Exhaust System General

• The linkless-type throttle body is used to realize excellent throttle control.

• ETCS-i (Electronic Throttle Control System-intelligent) is used to provide excellent throttle control. For details, see page EG-43.

• A plastic intake manifold is used for weight reduction.

• A stainless steel exhaust manifold is used for weight reduction.

Intake And Exhaust Manifold Car

2. Air Cleaner

• A nonwoven, full-fabric type air cleaner element is used.

• A charcoal filter, which adsorbs the HC that accumulates in the intake system when the engine is stopped, is used in the air cleaner cap in order to reduce evaporative emissions.

Service Tip->.

The charcoal filter, which is maintenance-free, cannot be removed from the air cleaner cap. v_y

3. Throttle Body

• The linkless-type throttle body is used and it realizes excellent throttle control.

• A DC motor with excellent response and minimal power consumption is used for the throttle control motor. The ECM performs the duty ratio control of the direction and the amperage of the current that flows to the throttle control motor in order to regulate the opening angle of the throttle valve.

Throttle Control Motor Toyota

4. Intake Manifold

• The intake manifold has been made of plastic to reduce the weight and the amount of heat transferred from the cylinder head. As a result, it has become possible to reduce the intake air temperature and improve the intake volumetric efficiency.

• A mesh type gasket is used, in order to reduce the intake noise.

5. Exhaust Manifold

A stainless steel exhaust manifold is used for improving the warm-up of TWC (Three-Way Catalytic converter) and for weight reduction.

Mesh Type Ga

Mesh Type Ga



6. Exhaust Pipe

• The exhaust pipe uses two ball joints in order to achieve a simple construction and ensured reliability.

• The TWC can improve exhaust emission by optimizing the cell density and the wall thickness.

Toyota Camry Twc

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