Alarm Triggers

While the system is Armed, an Alarm will be Triggered when any of the following occurs: ^ Forcibly opening any door.

Manually unlocking a door

Manually operating an inside lock button will Trigger an Alarm.

Note: Because this action will Trigger an Alarm, it is important that you do not Arm the system while someone is in the vehicle.

"Hot wiring" the vehicle

The RS3200 Plus can detect the absence of the ignition key if the ignition circuit is shorted in attempt to start the vehicle.

Intrusion Detection

When the radar sensor detects intrusion, it Triggers an Alarm first, then a regular Alarm. See the description of how the Radar Sensor Triggers Alarms on page 11.

Power restoration

If power to the system is interrupted while it is Armed, an ALARM will be TRIGGERED immediately when power is restored.

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