Walkaround Inspection

Start at left front door. Check window and door lock operation (from master power switch, if equipped). Continue around vehicle in a counterclockwise direction checking each door and window operation, child door locks, seat belts, interior condition,all lights, cargo area contents. Remove rubber body plugs from glove box for installation during UNDER VEHICLE inspection. Finish by checking headlight aim and continue into UNDER HOOD checks.

01 Check window operation

02 Check door and door lock operation, including wireless remote control/theft deterrent system* _____

03 Check that engine starts with all keys

04 Check that child safety door locks are in normal (unlocked) position

05 Check seats and seat belt operation

06 Check rear defogger

07 Check side marker, tail, backup, and license plate lights

08 Check cargo area light and trim appearance

09 Check jack and tool installation

10 Check headlight aim

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