Supplies Needed:

Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) Clean Lint Free Wiping Cloth

Masking Tape - 19mm (3/4") Width Measuring Device

** Note ** To ensure maximum adhesive bond, the Vehicle surface and the molding Temperature should be 25C (80F)

1.Lay out Driver Side and Passenger Side molding strips. Place the longest molding strip towards the front and shortest strip towards the rear.

2.Make (3) three measurements above the vehicle's lower body feature as shown in the diagram below, and mark position 19cm (7.5")

3.Apply 19mm (3/4") masking tape guide directly over the (3) measurements from the front fender to the rear wheel well as shown in the diagram below

4.Measure 7mm (1/4") on each side of door gap and place a mark on the masking tape. This is your starting point for applying the molding strips.

5.Clean above masking tape guide with a wax and grease remover and then wipe the area again with an isopropyl alcohol/water mixture (50/50).

6.Remove 10 cm (4") of red adhesive liner from SQUARE end of front molding strip. Begin at the 7mm (1/4") marking and gently apply molding to vehicle above masking tape guide. Continue removing red adhesive liner while applying molding with a rolling motion (Do not touch adhesive with fingers). Repeat with rear molding strip.

7.After ensuring both molding strips have been correctly placed, firmly rub down the moldings with a cloth or molding roller to obtain maximum adhesive bond. Press hard with a blunt object all ends.

8.Repeat steps 1-8 for other side.

3) Measure and mark 7mm (1/4") each side of door gap

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