Heater Control Cable

• The '06 models use two cables on pulleys that are always operated in the pulling direction to operate the heater control panel and damper.

• This cable is circular, and is placed around the cable pulleys that are provided at the heater control panel and the damper.

• The operation of the heater control panel is transmitted to the damper via the control cable, which always moves in the pulling direction. Due to the consistent action point of the pulleys, the fluctuation of the operating effort has been minimized through the use of the pulleys. These measures have improved the ease of use and reduced the operating effort.

Heater Control Panel (Automatic Control Type)

• The push switch type heater control panel with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is used to ensure excellent visibility.

• The temperature control switches for the driver and front passenger are provided on the heater control panel to enhance their ease of use.

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