Radar Sensor

The RS3200 Plus utilizes RADAR SENSOR.

The RADAR SENSOR works synchronized with vehicle theft deterrent system.If somebody intrudes into the vehicle while the vehicle theft deterrent system is set, the alarm blows the vehicle's horn intermittently and flashes the emergency flashers.


To prevent false alarms from being triggered in case of the following conditions:

• Any window or moon roof is left opened.

• When parking in a noisy area or on a roof parking.

• The vehicle body or glass is subjected to strong impact from the outside (such as highly pressurized car wash).

• When transporting by car carrier.

• A cellphone in cup holder or center console covered storage is left in the vehicle.

• When a bag is on the seat in the vehicle,the detection area may change.

• Objects hanging from the rearview mirror, or elsewhere in the vehicle, may trigger a false alarm.

• Do not place metallic objects, such as cell phones, in the center cluster change box while the alarm is activated, because they may impede performance of the alarm.

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  • UWE
    How long to recalbrate radar sensors in toyota rav4?
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