Vehicle With Third Seats




(p) Vehicle with third seat only (q).

(q) Third seats. Move the third seat (LH) backwards as shown. (Fig. 2-8)

(r) Vehicle grommet.

(1) Remove vehicle grommet. (Fig. 2-9) (s) Vehicle clips.

(t) Vehicle without third seat only (u). (u) Seat back lever.

(1) Remove 2 bolts from seat back lever and leave the cable attached. Wrap in cloth. (Fig. 2-10)

(2) Upon reassembly, tighten the bolt with 18.0 N-m [160 lbf-in] of torque.

3. Converter installation

(a) Install the converter to the vehicle hole with a bolt (M6) (included in kit) and nut (M6) (included in kit). (Fig. 3-1)

a (b) Upon reassembly, tighten the bolt with 5.5 N-m [49 lbf-in] of torque. (Fig. 3-1)

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