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The rear entertainme eos and sound w equipment is connec adapter. For details, turer's instructions.

—Power outlet

To use the adapter, open the cover.

The A/V input adapter is composed of 3 input adapters.

Yellow: Image input adapter Red: Audio input adapter White: Audio input adapter


Close the cover when the A/V input adapter is not in use. Inserting a foreign object other than the appropriate plug may cause electrical failure or short circuit.

This power outlet is designed for use as a power supply for the audio device connected to the A/V input adapter.

The key must be in the "ON" position for the power outlet to be used.

The maximum capacity for this power outlet is 115 VAC/100W. If you attempt to use an appliance that requires more than 115 VAC or 100W, the protection circuit will activate and cut the power supply. The power supply will restart automatically when you use an appliance that operates within the 115 VAC/100W limits.

To use the power o switch on the instr

An indicator light will that the power outlet

Push the main switc the power outlet off. let is not in use, ma switch is turned off.


♦ To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not use the power outlet longer than necessary when the engine is not running.

♦ Close the power outlet lid when the power outlet is not in use. Inserting a foreign object other than the appropriate plug that fits the outlet may cause electrical failure or short circuit.

• Other appliances requiring an extremely stable power supply: microcomputer-controlled electric blankets, touch sensor lamps, etc.

Certain electrical appliances may cause radio noise.

The power outlet is not designed for the following electric appliances even if their power consumption is under 115 VAC/100W. These appliances may not operate properly.

• Appliances with high initial peak wattage: cathode-ray tube type televisions, compressor- driven refrigerators, electric pumps, electric tools, etc.

• Measuring devices which process precise data: medical equipment, measuring instruments, etc.

Audio/video sys hints

To ensure correct operation:

♦ Be careful not over the audio s

♦ Do not put any compact disc int

♦ Do not put any DVD video, video dio CD into the

♦ The use of a ce or near the veh noise from the s dio system whic to. However, this a malfunction.


Usually, a problem does not mean ther your radio—it is just conditions outside th

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