Does your vehicle need repairing

Be on the alert for changes in performance, sounds, and visual tip-offs that indicate service is needed. Some important clues are as follows:

• Engine missing, stumbling, or pinging

• Appreciable loss of power

• Strange engine noises

• A leak under the vehicle (However, water dripping from the air conditioning after use is normal.)

• Change in exhaust sound (This may indicate a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. Drive with the windows open and have the exhaust system checked immediately.)

• Flat-looking tire; excessive tire squeal when cornering; uneven tire wear

• Vehicle pulls to one side when driving straight on a level road

• Strange noises related to suspension movement

• Loss of brake effectiveness; spongy feeling brake pedal; pedal almost touches floor; vehicle pulls to one side when braking

• Engine coolant temperature continually higher than normal

If you notice any of 1 vehicle to your Toyo possible. It probably repair.


Do not continue d hicle unchecked. It rious vehicle dam personal injury.

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