Electric moon roof

• Make sure the cap is tightened securely to prevent fuel spillage in the event of an accident.

• Use only a genuine Toyota fuel tank cap for replacement. It is designed to regulate fuel tank pressure.


To prevent damage to the cap, apply force only in the turning direction to the cap. Do not pull or pry it.

Sliding operation
Tilting operation

To operate the m switch on the overl

The key must be in

The sun shade can by hand.

Automatic sliding o

To open: Push the s OPEN" side.

The roof will open mm (2.0 in.) from tl tion. When you pus! side again, the mooi To stop the roof part on either the "SLIDE side briefly.

As driving with the m will cause wind thr you to drive with th 50 mm (2.0 in.) fr position.

The sun shade will with the roof.

To close: Push the UP" side.

The roof will fully c stop the roof partway either the "SLIDE ( side briefly.

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