Engine coolant gauge

The gauge indicates the approximate quantity of fuel remaining in the tank when the ignition switch is on.

Nearly full—Needle at "F" Nearly empty—Needle at "E"

It is a good idea to keep the tank over 1/4 full.

The needle moves when braking, accelerating or making turns. This is caused by the movement of the fuel in the tank.

If the fuel level approaches "E" or the low fuel level warning light comes on, fill the fuel tank as soon as possible.

On inclines or curves, due to the movement of fuel in the tank, the fuel gauge needle may fluctuate or the low fuel level warning light may come on earlier than usual.

If the fuel tank is completely empty, the malfunction indicator lamp comes on. Fill the fuel tank immediately.

The indicator lamp goes off after driving several times. If the indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

The gauge indicates temperature when th on. The engine op will vary with chan engine load.

If the needle moves your engine is too overheats, stop your engine to cool.

Your vehicle may ov operating conditions,

• Reducing speed c speed driving.

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