Front passenger occupant classification system

Your vehicle is equipped with a front passenger occupant classification system. This system detects the conditions 1—4 in the table on page 83 and based on these conditions activates or deactivates the following systems;

• Front passenger airbag

• Side airbag on the front passenger seat

• Front passenger's seat belt pretension-er

The system monitors the weight and load on the front passenger seat, and the seat belt buckle switch to determine conditions 1—4.

In order for the system to detect the conditions correctly, do not do any of the following:

• Apply a heavy load to the front passenger seat or equipment (e.g. seatback pocket).

• Attach a commercial seatback table, etc. to the front passenger seatback.

• Put weight on the front passenger seat by putting your hands or feet on the seatback from the rear passenger seat.

The "AIRBAG ON" and "AIRBAG OFF" indicator lights indicate the actuation of the front passenger airbag, side airbag on the front passenger seat and front passenger's seat belt pretensioner.

The "AIRBAG OFF" indicator light will be illuminated when the ignition switch is in the "ON" position with the condition 2 in the table shown below.

If the front passenge tion system determin adult size sits in the but the "AIRBAG O illuminated, one of t to have occurred:

• A rear passenger ger seat cushion

• Objects are placet senger seat.

• The front passen contact with the r

To ensure the system adult sitting in the f make sure the above

Make sure that the " light is illuminated seated in the front p "AIRBAG OFF" indic ted, ask the passeng well back in the sea belt worn correctly. indicator light still re ther ask the passen rear seat, or if that the front passenger

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