Name Manuals Fuses On Toyota Rav4 2002

Where Fuse Beam Toyota Rav4 2002


1. SPARE 30 A: Spare fuse

2. SPARE 20 A: Spare fuse

3. SPARE 10 A: Spare fuse

4. ECU-B2 7.5 A: Air conditioning system, power windows

5. RSE 7.5 A: Rear seat entertainment system

6. STR LOCK 20 A: No circuit

7. RAD NO.1 20 A: Audio system

8. ECU-B 10 A: Wireless remote control system, electric power steering system, main body ECU, power door lock, front passenger occupant classification system, clock, audio system, meters and gauges

9. DOME 10 A: Ignition switch light, interior light, vanity lights, luggage compartment light, front personal lights, foot lights

10. HEAD LH 10 A: Left-hand headlight (high beam)

11. HEAD RH 10 A: Right-hand headlight (high beam)

12. HEAD LL 10 A: Left-hand headlight (low beam)

(low beam)


21. HEAD MAIN 50 A

Electric cooling fa

Electric cooling fa

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  • cherryl robinson
    8 years ago
  • segan
    How ro identity fuse that comtrols low beam headlights on Toyota yaris?
    4 years ago

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