Headlights and turn signals

For the U.S.A.

For Canada


To turn on the following lights: Twist the headlight/turn signal lever knob.

Position 1—Parking, tail, license plate, side marker and instrument panel lights

For Canada—The tail light indicator (green light) on the instrument panel will tell you that the tail lights are on.

Position 2—Headlights and all of the above

For the U.S.A.—The headlight low beam indicator light (green light) on the instrument panel will tell you that the low beams are on.

Automatic light cut off system

If the driver's door is opened and closed with the engine turned off, the lights will automatically turn off after 30 seconds. If all the doors are locked with the wireless remote control, the lights will turn off immediately.

To turn on the lights again, turn the ignition key to the "ON" position or turn the headlight switch on. If you are going to park for over one week, make sure the headlight switch is off.

To prevent the bat charged, do not l for a long period not running.

Daytime running lig (on some models)

The headlights turn o ty when the parking b the engine started, switch in the "OFF" | go off until the igni off.

To turn on the othe instrument panel ligh the position 1.

Twist the knob to th the headlights to ful at night.

For Canada

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