Hillstart assist control system

The hill-start assist control system assists in starting to drive a steep or a slippery hill. When you start to move up a hill slope, the system helps to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward in the interval while moving the foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.


The hill-start assist control system will operate for maximum of 2 seconds. The brake pedal must be depressed further to activate the system when all of the following conditions apply with the brake pedal is depressed:

At this time, one beep will be heard.

• When the selector lever is not in "P"

• When the accelerator pedal is not depressed

• When the parking brake is not applied

• When the vehicle is stopped

The system is designed to operate when the vehicle is starting on uphill slope; therefore, if the transmission selector lever is in "P", it will not operate.


• Do not rely excessively on the hillstart assist control system. The vehicle may not be able to start smoothly on road surfaces or off-road surfaces such as extremely steep slopes or icy roads, on which sliding can occur very easily.

• Do not use the hill-start assist control system to park the vehicle. This system is not designed as a function for parking the vehicle on a uphill slope.

When the hill-start is operating, the slip and the stoplights an light are lit.

When any of the fo the system will sto time, two beeps will indicator light will go

• Shifting the selec

• Applying the park

• Depressing the br

If the accelerator pe system will also st beep sounds.

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