Installation with seat belt


An infant seat must be used in rear-facing position only.


• Never install a rear-facing child restraint system on the front passenger seat even if the "AIRBAG OFF" indicator light is illuminated. In the event of an accident, the force of the rapid inflation of the front passenger airbag can cause death or serious injury to the child if the rear- facing child restraint system is installed on the front passenger seat.

• Do not install a tem on the re. seat if it interfi mechanism of tl seats. Otherwise or second seat < killed or seriou! of sudden brakir

• If the driver's s not allow suffici installation, inst straint system seat.

• When installing a child restraint system on the rear/second center position, adjust both seat cushions to the same position and align all seatbacks at the same angle. Otherwise, the child restraint system cannot be securely restrained and this may cause death or serious injuries in a collision.

Same angle

Same angle

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