Other equipment


Power outlets

Glove box

Auxiliary box

Luggage storage boxes

Rear console box

Front cup holders

Rear cup holders

Bottle holders

Tie- down hooks

Grocery bag hooks

Luggage cover

Separation net fixing hook

Rear cargo net

Roof luggage carrier

Floor mat


Manual air conditioning system

Automatic air conditioning system

To reset the hour: Push the "H" button. To reset the minutes: Push the "M" button.

If quick adjustment to a full hour is desired, push the ":00" button.

For example, if the ":00" button is depressed when the time is between 1:01—1:29, the time will change to 1:00. If the time is between 1:30—1:59, the time will change to 2:00.

The key must be in the "ACC" or "ON" position.

If the electrical power source has been disconnected from the clock, the time display will automatically be set to 1:00 (one o'clock).

Automatic air conditioning system

Power outlets (

Rear console box

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