If the power window does not operate automatically or the jam protection function does not operate correctly, you should normalize the power window.

To normalize the power window:

1. Push down the power window switch and lower the windows fully.

2. Pull up the switch until the windows close and hold the switch for a second.

Make sure that the window open and close automatically. If the power windows cannot be operated properly, have it checked by your Toyota dealer.


Use the switch on each passenger's door or the switches on the driver's door that control each passenger's window.

The window moves as long as you hold the switch.

To open: Push down the switch. To close: Pull up the switch.

If you push in the window lock switch on the driver's door, the passengers' windows cannot be operated.


• Never try jamming any part of your body to activate the jam protection function intentionally, as it could result in a death or serious injury.

• The jam protection function may not work if something gets caught just before the window is fully closed.

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