2. Push the "DAC" switch to turn the system on. The downhill assist control system indicator light will come on.

If the downhill assist control system indicator light flashes, the selector lever may not be in "L" or "R".

If the indicator light does not come on when the switch is pushed, or the indicator light flashes when the selector lever is in "L" or "R", contact your Toyota dealer.

With the vehicle traveling at a speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) or less, release the brake pedal and accelerator pedal to activate the system. The vehicle will descend the hill at a low speed.

While the system is operating, the slip indicator light will flash and the stoplights and high mounted stoplight will be lit. A sound may also occur during the operation. This does not indicate a malfunction.

If the brakes are applied while the system is operating, a kickback from the brake pedal may result and a sound may occur. This does not indicate a malfunction.

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