Without third seats— The rear seat can be folded down for the luggage compartment. Open the back door and pull the lock release lever to fold down the rear seat.

Before folding down the rear seat, slide the rear seat fully backward and pull it forward slightly until it locks. Then raise the armrest until it locks.

Folding down the seats will enlarge the luggage compartment. See "—Stowage precautions" on page 301 in Section 2 for precautions when loading luggage.


Do not fold the rear seatback when the rear passengers sit on the rear seats or the luggage is placed on the seat. Make sure that no passengers or luggage are on the rear seats.

RETURNING SEATBA Raise the seatback

Do not allow pass the folded seat o compartment while seat in its normal

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• Make sure the s locked by pushin ward on the to Failure to do s seat belt from o

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