Type A

Type B

Type A

Type B

2. Widen the gap cushion and se confirm the posit chorages near t seatback.

3. Type A—Latch t straps onto th tighten the lower

Type B—Latch tl anchorages.

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If your child restrain strap, it should be installation of the top a top strap" on page

For installation details tion manual equippec

• When using the lower anchorages for the child restraint system, be sure that there are no irregular objects around the anchorages or that the seat belt is not caught.

• Push and pull the child restraint system in different directions to be sure it is secure. Follow all the installation instructions provided by its manufacturer.

• When using the lower anchorages for the child restraint system, ensure that the seat is moved to the rear- most position, with the seatback close to the child restraint system.

• After securing the child restraint system, never slide or recline the seat.

• Do not install a child restraint system on the rear seat if it interferes with the lock mechanism of the front seats. Otherwise, the child or front seat occupant(s) may be killed or seriously injured in case of sudden braking or a collision.

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