• On vehicles with side airbags and curtain shield airbags, do not allow the child to lean his/her head or any part of his/her body against the door or the area of the seat, front or center and roof side garnish from which the side airbags or curtain shield airbags deploy even if the child is seated in the child restraint system. It is dangerous if the side airbag and/or curtain shield airbag inflate, and the impact could cause death or serious injury to the child.

• Do not install a child restraint system on the rear/second or third seat if it interferes with the lock mechanism of the front or second seats. Otherwise, the child or front or second seat occupant(s) may be killed or seriously injured in case of sudden braking or a collision.

• If the driver's seat position does not allow sufficient space for safe installation, install the child restraint system on the rear/second right seat.

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• When installing system on the position, adjust to the same pos seatbacks at the wise, the child re not be securely may cause death in a collision.

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