1. To open the fuel filler door, pull the lever up.

When refueling, turn off the engine. /l\ CAUTION

• Do not smoke, cause sparks or allow open flames when refueling. The fumes are flammable.

• When opening the cap, do not remove the cap quickly. In hot weather, fuel under pressure could cause injury by spraying out of the filler neck if the cap is suddenly removed.

2. To remove the fuel tank cap, turn the cap counterclockwise. Pause slightly before removing it.

It is not unusual to hear a slight swoosh when the cap is opened.

3. The removed ca| the cap hanger.

When installing the wise until one click to fully close it. Th ly when your hand cap after closure, not cause any prob

If the cap is not tig malfunction indicato Make sure the cap i

The indicator lamp g several times. If the not go off, contact y soon as possible.

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