—Glossary of tire terminology

Tire related term


Accessory weight

the combined weight (in excess of those standard items replaced) of automatic transmission, power steering, pow windows, power seats, radio, and heater, to the extent t are available as factory- installed equipment (whether ins

Cold tire inflation pressure

tire inflation pressure when the vehicle has been parked hours or more, or it has not been driven more than 1.5 under that condition

Curb weight

the weight of a motor vehicle with standard equipment in maximum capacity of fuel, oil, and coolant, and, if so ec conditioning and additional weight optional engine

Intended outboard sidewall

(A) the sidewall that contains a whitewall, bears white let manufacturer, brand, and/or model name molding tha deeper than the same molding on the other sidewall

(B) the outward facing sidewall of an asymmetrical tire tha side that must always face outward when mounted or

Maximum inflation pressure

the maximum cold inflation pressure to which a tire may is shown on the sidewall of the tire

Maximum loaded vehicle weight

(b) accessory weight;

(c) vehicle capacity weight; and

(d) production options weight

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