• When the battery is discharged

Check the battery's condition. If necessary, recharge or replace the battery. For details, see "Checking battery condition" on page 382 in Section 7-3.

Electric power steering system warning light

The light comes on when the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position. If the electric power steering system works properly, the light turns off after a few seconds. If the system has malfunctions, the light comes on again.

If the following conditions occur, this indicates a malfunction somewhere in the components monitored by the warning light system. Contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible to service the vehicle.

• The light does no ignition key is tur tion or remains o


If the electric pow warning light come hicle to your Toyo as possible. In thi is required for th< turn than usual. while firmly grip wheel.


When the steering motor operating sound) may be i when the power st and is not defectiv

Rear step bumper

The rear step bumper is for rear end protection and easier step-up loading.

To get on the rear step bumper, use the shaded area between the arrows in the illustration.

• Do not allow more than one person to get on the rear step bumper at a time. It is designed for only one person.

• Never drive the vehicle with anyone on the rear step bumper.

Your Toyota's identification— —Vehicle identification number

Under the right front seat

Top left of the instrument panel

The vehicle identifi is the legal identifi This number is stam front seat and top l panel where it can windshield from the

This is the primary for your Toyota. It i the ownership of you

Top left of the instrument panel

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is also on the Certification Label.

—Engine number

2.4 L 4-cylinder (2AZ-FE) engine

The engine number engine block as sh

Theft prevention labels (except for Canada)

Your new vehicle carries theft prevention labels which are approximately 47 mm (1.85 in.) by 12 mm (0.47 in.).

The purpose of these labels is to reduce the incidence of vehicle thefts by facilitating the tracing and recovery of parts from stolen vehicles. The label is designed so that once it is applied to a surface, any attempt to remove it will result in destroying the integrity of the label. Transferring these labels intact from one part to another, will be impossible.


You should not attempt to remove the theft prevention labels as it may violate certain state or federal laws.

Suspension and chassis


Do not modify the suspension/chassis with lift kits, spacers, springs, etc. It can cause dangerous handling characteristics, resulting in loss of control.

Tire information— —Tire symbols

This illustration in symbols.

1. Tire size—For size" on page

3. Uniform tire q

For details, see ty grading" tha

4. The location indicators—F

"Checking and page 374.

5. Tire ply comp rials—Plies m ber- coated pa mean the stran in the tire.

6. Radial tire or radial tire has sidewall. A t i re "RADIAL" is a

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