• The MP3/WMA player does not play back MP3/WMA files from discs recorder using packet write data transfer (UDF format). Discs should be recorded using "pre-mastering" software rather than packet-write software.

• M3u playlists are not compatible with the audio player.

• MP3i (MP3 interactive) and MP3PRO formats are not compatible with the audio player.

• The MP3 player is compatible with VBR (Variable Bit Rate).

• When playing back files recorded as VBR (Variable Bit Rate) files, the play time will not be correctly displayed if fast- forward or reverse operations are used.

• It is not possible to check folders that do not include MP3/WMA files.

• MP3/WMA files in folders up to 8 levels deep can be played. However, the start of playback may be delayed when using discs containing numerous levels of folders. For this reason, we recommend creating discs with no more than two levels of folders.

• It is possible to play up to 192 folders or 255 files on one disc.

003.mp3 P Folder 2

• The play order of the compact disc with the structure shown on the left is as follows:

• CD-R/CD-RW disc subject to the "f process that allow on a conventions be played.

• It may not be p R/CD-RW discs i CD recorder or because of c scratches or dirt condensation, etc unit.

• It may not be po recorded on a pe pending on the ap the environment. rect format. (For appropriate applica the applications.)

• CD-R/CD-RW dis by direct exposu temperatures or tions. The unit m some damaged di

• If you insert a C MP3/WMA player, more slowly than CD or CD-R disc

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