• When it is unavoidable to install the forward-facing child restraint system on the front passenger seat, install the child restraint system on the front passenger seat in the proper order. (As for the installation order, see "—Installation with seat belt" on page 88 in this Section.)

• Do not remove the front seats.

• Do not kick the front passenger seat or subject it to severe impact. Otherwise, the SRS warning light may come on to indicate a malfunction of the detection system. In this case, contact your Toyota dealer immediately.

The "AIRBAG ON" indicator light may be illuminated (the front passenger airbag and side airbag on the front passenger seat may deploy) even if observing the above cautions, when a child sits in, or a forward-facing child restraint system is installed on the front passenger seat. Refer to all the cautions in "SRS airbags" on page 64 and "Child restraint" on page 85 in this Section.

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