When the "ABS" warning light is on (and the brake system warning light is off), the anti-lock brake system does not operate so that the wheels could lock up during a sudden braking or braking on slippery road surfaces.

If either of the following conditions occurs, this indicates a malfunction somewhere in the components monitored by the warning light. Contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible to service the vehicle.

• The light does not come on when the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position, or remains on.

• The light comes on while you are driving.

A warning light turning on briefly during operation does not indicate a problem.


If the "ABS" warning light remains on together with the brake system warning light, immediately stop your vehicle at a safe place and contact your Toyota dealer.

In this case, not only the anti-lock brake system will fail but also the vehicle will become extremely unstable during braking.

(i) Open Door Warning Light

This light remains on until all the side doors and back door are completely closed.

(j) SRS Warning Li

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This warning light airbag sensor assem sors, side and curta sors, curtain shield er's seat position ser buckle switch, "AIF light, "AIRBAG OFF" passenger's seat bel belt pretensioner ass terconnecting wiring

If any of the followi this indicates a malfi or seat belt pretens Toyota dealer as soo

• The light does no ignition key is tur tion or remains seconds.

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