Tire related term


Normal occupant weight

68 kg (150 lb.) times the number of occupants specified column of Table 1 that follows

Occupant distribution

distribution of occupants in a vehicle as specified in the thir 1 that follows

Production options weight

the combined weight of those installed regular production over 2.3 kg (5 lb.) in excess of those standard items wh not previously considered in curb weight or accessory w heavy duty brakes, ride levelers, roof rack, heavy duty ba trim

Recommended inflation pressure

cold tire inflation pressure recommended by a manufacti


a metal support for a tire or a tire and tube assembly upon w are seated

Rim diameter (Wheel diameter)

nominal diameter of the bead seat

Rim size designation

rim diameter and width

Rim type designation

the industry of manufacturer's designation for a rim by s

Rim width

nominal distance between rim flanges

Vehicle capacity weight (Total load capacity)

the rated cargo and luggage load plus 68 kg (150 lb.) times tt nated seating capacity

Vehicle maximum load on the tire

the load on an individual tire that is determined by distribu its share of the maximum loaded vehicle weight and div

Tire related term


Vehicle normal load on the tire

the load on an individual tire that is determined by distribu its share of the curb weight, accessory weight, and norma (distributed in accordance with Table 1 that follows) and

Weather side

the surface area of the rim not covered by the inflated t

Table 1—Occupant loading and distribution for vehicle normal load for various designated s

Designated seating capacity, number of occupants

Vehicle normal load, number of occupants

Occupant distribut loaded v

2 through 4


2 in front

5 through 10


2 in front, 1 in sec

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