SRS side airbags and curtain shield airbags inflate with considerable force. To reduce the possibility of death or serious injury when they inflate, the driver, front passenger and rear/second outside passengers must:

• Wear their seat belts properly.

• Remain properly seated with their backs upright and against the seats at all times.

Improper sitting and wearing of the seat belts may not retain you inside the vehicle.

• Do not allow anyone to lean against the door when the vehicle is in use, since the side airbag and curtain shield airbag could inflate with considerable speed and force. Otherwise, he/she may be killed or seriously injured. Special care should be taken especially when you have a small child in the vehicle.

• Sit up straight and well back in the seat, distributing your weight evenly in the seat. Do not apply excessive weight to the outer side of the seats with a side airbag, and to the front pillar, rear pillar and roof side rail with a curtain shield airbag.

• Do not allow an head closer to t side airbag and bag inflate, sin could inflate speed and force may be killed o Special care sho cially when you in the vehicle.

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