To avoid death or serious personal injury, you must do the following.

• Before you close the power windows, always make sure there is nobody around the power windows. You must also make sure the heads, hands and other parts of the bodies of all occupants are kept completely inside the vehicle. If someone's neck, head or hands get caught in a closing window, it could result in death or serious injury. When anyone closes the power windows, make sure he or she operates the windows safely.

• When small children are in the vehicle, never let them use the power window switches without supervision. Use the window lock switch to prevent them from making unexpected use of the switches.

• Be sure to remove the ignition key when you leave your vehicle.

• Never leave anyone (particularly a small child) alone in your vehicle, especially with the ignition key still inserted. Otherwise, he/she could use the power window switches and get trapped in a window. Unattended person (particularly a small child) can be involved in a serious accident.

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