Do not use an axle-mounting hitch as it may cause damage to the axle housing, wheel bearings, wheels and/ or tires.


• If the total trailer weight exceeds 272 kg (600 lb.), trailer brakes are required.

• Never tap into your vehicle's hydraulic system as it would lower its braking effectiveness.

• Never tow a trailer without using a safety chain securely attached to both the trailer and the vehicle. If damage occurs to the coupling unit or hitch ball, there is danger of the trailer wandering over into another lane.


• Toyota recommends trailers with brakes that conform to any applicable federal and state/provincial regulations.

• A safety chain must always be used between the towing vehicle and the trailer. Leave sufficient slack in the chain for turns. The chain should cross under the trailer tongue to prevent the tongue from dropping to the ground in case it becomes damaged or separated. For correct safety chain procedures, follow the hitch or trailer manufacturer's recommendations.


• Ensure that your vehicle's tires are properly inflated. See page 372 Section 7-2 and page 397 in Section 8 for instructions.

• The trailer tires should be inflated to the pressure recommended by the trailer manufacturer in respect to the total trailer weight.


• Trailer lights mus1 state/provincial ai See your local dealer or rental a type of wiring anc er. Check for cor turn signals and you hitch up. Dire age your vehicle and cause a malf


• Toyota recommen tow a trailer with vehicle with any n ponent (engine, t tial, wheel bearin 800 km (500 mile


• If you tow a trai require more freqi to the additional l tion, please refe maintenance inform uled Maintenance Manual Suppleme!

• Retighten all fixin ball and bracket 1000 km (600 mil

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