2.4 L 4-cylinder (2AZ-FE) engine

3.5 L V6 (2GR-FE) engine Without towing package

With towing package

Coolant type:

"Toyota Super Long Life Coolant" is used in your Toyota vehicle at factory fill. In order to avoid technical problems, only use "Toyota Super Long Life Coolant" or similar high quality ethylene glycol based non- silicate, non- amine, non- nitrite, and non- borate coolant with long- life hybrid organic acid technology. (Coolant with long- life hybrid organic acid technology is a combination of low phosphates and organic acids.)

Do not use plain water alone.

Please contact your Toyota dealer for further details.


Open voltage* at 20oC (68°F): 12.6—12.8 V Fully charged 12.2—12.4 V Half charged 11.8—12.0 V Discharged

*: Voltage that is checked 20 minutes after the key is removed with all the lights turned off

Charging rates: 5 A max.


Fluid capacity (drain and refill), L (qt., Imp. qt.): Up to 3.5 (3.7, 3.1)

Fluid type: Toyota Genuine ATF Type WS

Change automatic transmission fluid only as necessary.

Generally, it is necessary to change automatic transmission fluid only if your vehicle is driven under one of the Special Operating Conditions listed in your "Scheduled Maintenance Guide" or "Owner's Manual Supplement". When changing the automatic transmission fluid, use only "Toyota Genuine ATF Type WS" (ATF JWS3324 or NWS9638) to aid in assuring optimum transaxle performance.

Notice: Using auto fluid other than "T Type WS" may cai shift quality, lockin mission accompanie ultimately damage t mission of your veh

Please contact your ther details.

TRANSFER (four-wheel drive m

Oil type: Hypoid gear oil AP

Recommended oil vis Above -18oC (0oF

SAE 90 Below -18oC (0oF) SAE 80W-90

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