• Recordings on CD-R/CD-RW cannot be played using the DDCD (Double Density CD) system.


Packet write—

This is a general term that describes the process of writing data on-demand to CD-R, etc., in the same way that data is written to floppy or hard discs.

This is a method of embedding track-related information in an MP3 file. This embedded information can include the track title, the artist's name, the album title, the music genre, the year of production, comments and other data. The contents can be freely edited using software with ID3 tag editing functions. Although the tags are restricted to the number of characters, the information can be viewed when the track is played back.

WMA files can contain a WMA tag that is used in the same way as an ID3 tag. WMA tags carry information such as track title, artist name.

ISO 9660 format—

This is the international standard for the formatting of CD-ROM folders and files. For the ISO 9660 format, there are two levels of regulations.

Level 1:

The file name is in 8.3 format (8 character file names, with a 3 character file extension. File names must be composed of one-byte capital letters and numbers. The "_" symbol may also be included.)

Level 2:

The file name can have up to 31 characters (including the separation mark "." and file extension). Each folder must contain fewer than 8 hierarchies.

Playlists created using "WINAMP" software have a playlist file extension (.m3u).

MP3 is an audio compression standard determined by a working group (MPEG) of the ISO (International Standard Organization). MP3 compresses audio data to about 1/10 the size of that on conventional discs.

WMA (Windows Med compression format soft. It compresses f er than that of MP3 formats for WMA file 9.

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