A transponder chip for engine immobilizer system has been placed in the head of the master and sub keys. These chips are needed to enable the system to function correctly, so be careful not to lose these keys. If you make your own duplicate key, you will not be able to cancel the system or start the engine.

To protect items locked in the glove box when using valet parking, leave the sub key with the attendant.

Since the side doors can be locked without a key, you should always carry a spare key in case you accidentally lock your keys inside the vehicle.


When using a key containing a transponder chip, observe the following precautions:

♦ When starting the engine, do not use the key with a key ring resting on the key grip and do not press the key ring against the key grip. Otherwise the engine may not start, or may stop soon after it starts.

♦ When starting t use the key with keys around (inc er vehicles) and key plates agai Otherwise the en or may stop soo this happens, re and then insert i ing other transp ing keys of other ring or while gr them with your engine.

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