Rear cargo net

To secure your luggage, use the rear cargo net. You can also put loads on the net.

See "—Stowage precautions" on page 301 in Section 2 for precautions when loading luggage.


• To reduce the chance of injury in case of an accident or sudden stop, make sure the net is secured in place.

• To prevent cargo and luggage from sliding forward during braking, do not place anything on the net higher than the rear seatbacks. Otherwise, such items may be thrown about and possibly injure people in the vehicle during sudden braking or an accident.


To use the net, insert the right end of the pipe into the hole.

Compress the left end of the pipe, and fit it into the hole on the other side of the luggage compartment.

Vehicles with third seat: When sitting in the third seat, you cannot use the rear cargo net. Make sure to remove the rear cargo net.

When using the rear cargo net, stow the third seat (For detailed information, see "—Stowing third seats for luggage space" on page 45 in Section 1-3).

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