Seat belt extender

If your seat belts cannot be fastened securely because they are not long enough, a personalized seat belt extender is available from your Toyota dealer free of charge.

Please contact your local Toyota dealer to order the proper required length for the extender. Bring the heaviest coat you expect to wear for proper measurement and selection of length. Additional ordering information is available at your Toyota dealer.

When using the seat belt extender, observe the following precautions. Failure to follow these instructions could reduce the effectiveness of the seat belt restraint system in case of an accident, increasing the chance of death or serious injury.

• Remember that the extender provided for you may not be safe when used on a different vehicle, for another person, or at a different seating position than the one originally intended.

• If the seat belt extender has been connected to the driver's seat belt buckle without wearing the seat belt when using the extender in the driver's seat, the SRS driver's air-bag system will judge that the driver wears the seat belt even if not wearing it. In this case, the driver's airbag may not activate correctly, causing death or serious injury in the event of collision. Be sure to wear the seat belt with the seat belt extender.

• Make sure th indicator light is using the seat b front passenge "AIRBAG OFF" illuminated, disco tongue from the then reconnect Reconnect the after making sure indicator light is use the seat belt "AIRBAG OFF" illuminated, the airbag and side passenger side correctly, causin injury in the even

• Be sure to wear out the seat be can fasten the se extender.

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