Side doors


Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it.

To lock: Turn the key forward. To unlock: Turn the key backward.

All the side doors and back door lock and unlock simultaneously with driver's door. In the driver's door lock, turning the key once will unlock the driver's door and twice in succession will unlock all the side doors and back door simultaneously.

When the driver's door is unlocked using the key, the illuminated entry system will be activated. (For further information, see "Illuminated entry system" on page 119 in Section 1-5.)


Move the lock knob.

To lock: Push the knob forward. To unlock: Pull the knob backward.

The front doors can be opened by pulling the inside handle even if the lock knobs are in the locked position.


Do not pull the ir doors while drivin open and an ac Toyota strongly re children be placed the vehicle.

Closing the door with lock position will als careful not to lock y hicle.

Doors cannot be loc key in the ignition s

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