SRS side airbags and curtain shield airbags

The SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) side airbags and curtain shield air-bags are designed to provide further protection for the driver, front passenger and rear/second passengers in addition to the primary safety protection provided by the seat belts.

In response to a severe side impact, the SRS side airbag and curtain shield airbags in the impacted side work with the seat belts to help reduce injury by inflating. The SRS side airbags help reduce injuries mainly to the driver's or front passenger's chest. The SRS curtain shield airbags help reduce injuries mainly to the driver's, front passenger's or rear/second passenger's head and help prevent them from being thrown out of the vehicle.

The SRS side airbag on the passenger seat will not activate if there is no passenger sitting in the front passenger seat. However, the side airbag on the passenger seat may deploy if luggage is put in the seat, or the seat belt is buckled up regardless of the presence of the occupant in the seat. (As for the front passenger occupant classification system, see "—Front passenger occupant classification system" on page 81 in this Section.)

The SRS curtain shield airbag on the passenger side are activated even with no passenger in the front seat or rear/second outside seat.

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