Traction control system

The traction control system automatically helps prevent the spinning of the front wheels (two-wheel drive models) or 4 wheels (four-wheel drive models) when the vehicle is started or accelerated on slippery road surfaces.

When the ignition key is turned to "ON", the system automatically turns on.

Under certain slippery road conditions, full traction of the vehicle and power to the front wheels (two- wheel drive models) or 4 wheels (four- wheel drive models) cannot be maintained, even though the traction control system is in operation. Do not drive the vehicle under any speed or maneuvering conditions which may cause the vehicle to lose traction control. If the road surface is covered with ice or snow, your vehicle should be fitted with snow tires or tire chains. Always drive at a speed that is appropriate for the present road conditions.

A sound may be heard from the engine compartment for a few seconds when the engine is started or just after the vehicle begins to move. This means that the system is in the self-check mode. This sound does not indicate a malfunction.

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