Trailer towing

Your vehicle is designed primarily as a passenger-carrying vehicle. Towing a trailer will have an adverse effect on handling, performance, braking, durability and driving economy (fuel consumption, etc.). Your safety and satisfaction depend on the proper use of correct equipment and cautious driving habits. For your safety and the safety of others, you must not overload your vehicle or trailer. Toyota warranties do not apply to damage or malfunction caused by towing a trailer for commercial purposes. Ask your local Toyota dealer for further details before towing.


When towing a trailer, be sure to consult your Toyota dealer for further information on additional requirements such as a towing kit, etc.


Before towing, mak< er weight, gross < gross vehicle weigh and trailer tongue the limits.

The total trailer wei can be measured found at a highway w ing supply company junk yard, etc.


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2.4 L 4-cylinde

3.5 L V6 (2GR-Without towii

With towing p

If towing a traile ing over 907 kg necessary to us device with suffi

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