Types of tires

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1. Summer tires

Summer tires are h ity tires best suitec under dry conditio

Since summer tire same traction per tires, summer tires driving on snow- c< For driving on sn roads, we recom tires. If installing s to replace all fou

2. All season tir

All season tires ai vide better traction adequate for driv conditions, as wel round.

All season tires, however, do not have adequate traction performance compared with snow tires in heavy or loose snow. Also, all season tires fall short in acceleration and handling performance compared with summer tires in highway driving.

The details about how to distinguish summer tires from all season tires are described on page 292.


• Do not mix summer and all season tires on your vehicle as this can cause dangerous handling characteristics, resulting in loss of control.

• Do not use tire other than the manufacturer's designated tires, and never mix tires or wheels of the sizes different from the originals.

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