After the Active Tests Compress Check is turned ON it will automatically turn off after seconds

• When the COMPRESS CHECK test is OFF and the engine is cranked, the engine will start.

• If the COMPRESS CHECK test needs to be performed after it is turned ON and performed once, press EXIT to return to the ACTIVE TEST menu screen. Then perform the COMPRESS CHECK test again.

• Use a fully-charged battery. 3. SYSTEM CHECK


Performing a SYSTEM CHECK enables the system, which consists of multiple actuators, to be operated without removing any parts. In addition, it can show whether or not any DTCs are set, and can detect potential malfunctions in the system. The SYSTEM CHECK can be performed with the intelligent tester.

(a) Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3.

(b) Turn the ignition switch ON.

(d) Select the following menu items: DIAGNOSIS / ENHANCED OBD II / SYSTEM CHECK.

(e) Perform the SYSTEM CHECK by referring to the table below.


Intelligent Tester Display

Test Detail

Recommended Fuel Temperature

Diagnostic Note


Perform 5 steps in order to operate EVAP key-off monitor automatically

35°C (95°F) or less

• If no DTCs in PENDING CODE after performing this test, system functioning normally

• Refer to EVAP system


Perform 5 steps in order to operate EVAP key-off monitor manually

35°C (95°F) or less

• Used to detect malfunctioning parts

• Refer to EVAP system

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